The first post


_MG_6224I’m venturing into the world of blogging, and thought I’d follow a photography theme.

Like many folks I’ve posted on various photography sites. Flikr, 500px, Viewbug etc. I even tried out Instagram. After a while though I was getting wrapped up in the popularity contest – or rather in my case popularity avoidance contests! I also didn’t like the increase in followers who seemed to think I should visit their ‘adult’ web-sites.

It’s nice to see other peoples work but there was no context. I was liking stuff with no real sense of the person behind the work, or what narrative of the image was. They were just photos. I’m not sure I like that.

One site that caught my eye was It encourages you to create a narrative for your work, and I found the layout quite pleasing. But that got me wondering – why am I doing this? Yes I like the idea of a narrative – but I want to be lazier than that sometimes.

I remembered seeing Squarespace on sites of photographers I was interested in, like  Karl Taylor. But when I got into it, the cost was more than I was willing to pay, to just dip my toe in the water. Maybe if I had aspirations to turn my hobby into a business……but that isn’t what I was looking to do.

I noticed some friends who blog, and WordPress was mentioned. So I looked into that, and here I am, using the Illustratr theme. At the moment I’m using a “Personal” account. I might venture into if I find it works for me. Or I might even switch over to Exposure. I’m still going to keep using Flikr for sharing with family and the wonderful “Where was this photae took competition“.

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