Out of shadows

black and white, street

Christmas Eve, with some last minute shopping going on. The light was coming from beyond my right shoulder and reflecting off some shop windows to the left. I noticed peoples faces being thrown into sharp contrast as they walked across the pavement. I was working with a long lens at 250mm, and set things up for a good exposure on a face, letting other features drop into  darkness.

IMG_48711/400, f5.6, ISO160

Halfway down the stairs

black and white, black and white, street, urban

The Halfway House, Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh. 1/60, f/3.2, ISO800

Back to some Edinburgh street photography yesterday, after a long break. There is someting gruesome about Fleshmarket close, and not just because of the Ian Rankin novel of the same name. While it’s right in the middle of Edinburgh’s tourist honeypot, it does come with some noteriety.

The close is named after the meat market that existed here, when it was a close that led down to a slaughterhouse on Nor’Loch. The loch is long since drained and is not Waverely Railway station and Princes Street Garden’s.

It’s a good place to get some subject lighting, from the lights around the pub.

St. Vigeans Church

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Sitting on top of it’s grassy knoll, close to the Brothick Burn, St Vigeans Church has always been for me the epitome of a red sandstone building.

st vigeansIn this image, I’ve combined two exposures – 1/100 & 1/400, f/10, ISO160. At 1/100 the sky was white and at 1/400 the building was looking like dark shadow.

Someday I’d like to be there towards sunset on a clear day. The church tower faces west and the hue of the sandstone looks amazing against a darkening blue sky.


Steampunk Coffee

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Stockbridge on a sunny Sunday has a great atmosphere. This Sunday had the first day of spring feel to it. Stockbridge Market takes place in the Jubille Gardens, with some fabulous food, streetfood and crafts. One of my favourite Coffee Shops (Steampunk, from North Berwick) are there with their VeeDub Campervan.

steampunk1/125, f/5.0, ISO400

The Final Portal

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Potterrow multipleThe final portal installment takes us full circle back to Potterow Port. I’ve combined three images to indicate a journey into a portal. Did the gentleman safely go through, or is he frozen on the event horizon, to be turned to ash? One for the physicists and Star Trek fans!

Three images combined in Photoshop. All 1/200, f5.6, ISO4000.

Edinburgh Portals (2)

black and white, Blogging, colour, street

St GilesThe next Edinburgh Portal – looking up towards St. Giles Catherdal.

I often feel a little guilty when people apologise for “getting in the way”, when actually I feel like thanking them for being there!

1/125, f/7.1, ISO10000

It’s not often I use colour in steet photography, but that stained glass window!…….so here it is.St Giles - colour