Warriston Cemetry

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Tucked between the Water of Leith and Ferry Road is Warriston Cemetry. It is an overgrown cemetry with many ruinous stones and monuments. This was an unusual stone, simply saying “MOTHER” on a plain cross. It long ago had fallen off it’s plinth and is now embedded in the undergrowth, and there were no other clues of who mother was.

Warriston one1/250, f/5.0, ISO160

Edinburgh has a few overgrown cemetries. A number of cemetries were created under private ownership in the 19th Century. Many of these fell into disrepair during the 70’s and 80’s – all to be compulrsory purchased by the city council in the 90’s.

Allowing these sites and memorials to become so dilapidated is disrespectul, however I find them uniquely contemplative spaces.

Goodbye too soon


Slightly off topic for my usual blog – but……….Romain Bardet, wrote: “This sport is as sublime as it is tragic. In the sense that it can put the life of any of those who practice it in danger at any moment. All our thoughts are with Michael Goolaerts.”

Gazette van Cat

Some days, being a cycling fan is easier than others.  This week we have lived through the highest of excitements and the lowest of lows.

The words many of us woke up to this morning

“It is with unimaginable sadness…”

were very difficult for our small, close-knit community to take, as we found out that Michael Goolaerts did not make it through the night.

Social Media has had us all in a bittersweet mood today as the tweets we ‘liked’ yesterday, reminding us of the fun and excitement of a fantastic Paris-Roubaix, are interspersed with new tweets of condolence and grief.

At first, I fumed that the standard Twitter and Facebook settings were so cold and insensitive.  Then, I realized that tomorrow, all the ‘Likes” we see will be those outpourings of grief and sorrow.  If we continue to “like” these our mourning will continue for another day and another.

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Fife College Campus in Dunfermline was the venue for the third race in the Lapierre Scottish Cyclocross series.

Last years event here was a bit of a mud-fest. Today wasn’t quite so much – although the rain threatened at one point.

Cyclocross provides a fantastic backdrop for photography. Like a criterium, you’re right in amongst the action. But it happens in winter, and so there can be some real moodiness and drama in the lighting. Add to that the sheer intensity that is writ across the dirty faces of the riders. It’s a great place to capture the gritty, emotional, and physical intensity that draws me to bike racing.

Thanks to all the riders and organisers. If you haven’t been to a race before – get along to one. They are great fun. Scottish Cyclocross has all the news.

A selection of photographs can be viewed in an interactive presentation by clicking on the frame below.

Scottish Cyclocross