Sunset Haar

colour, landscape and nature

sunset haarIt’s quite unusual to get a sunset haar. It changes the nature of something that is cold and damp and depressingly common on sunny days when the wind comes off the North Sea.

Lighhouse, John Burnside 2002

So let the mist come down, let there be haar,
long afternoons of drizzle, months of fog,
that we might know ourselves
–such as we are–

Family Ties

black and white, urban

Hamiton Gibson BellOne of the fantastic things about so much infromation being available  on-line is that one can piece together stories of those in cemetries. Perhaps it takes away from just imagining their lives, but personally I find it adds to the story.

Helen Cecilia Thomson, married Benjamin Bell in 1827. Her brother, James Gibson Thomson, married her sister-in-law, Grace Hamiton Bell in 1831. Benjamin died in the Isle of Man in 1843, with Helen living until she was 73 in the 1870’s.

James ran the family’s wines and spirit merchant business based at The Vaults in Leith, now the home of the Scottish Malt Whisky Society.