Long Exposure

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I’ve wanted to try one of these for a while. Combining a long exposure with some light painting. The only post production in this was a small tweak to vibrance and a slight crop.

Evening at Hopetoun-230s, f/22, ISO100 – light added using a hand held Manfrotto Luminuse on the branch and foreshore.

Morning Leaf

Woodland light

Blogging, colour, landscape and nature

I’m struggling with my photography this week. There’s a lot going on with other important things competing for a share of my mind. It’s at times like this something like photography can really help – if you can get into the zone. But when you struggle to get in the zone it can be frustrating. Experience tells me that this will pass, and I just need to find the place where my mind can settle. Given this photographers block – I thought I’d go back to something fundamental. A single focus on light. I’m not going to fret over composition or narrative.

These images were taken just because the light looked interesting. The two in the woods were simply down to the sun. The leaf was backlit, for the colour, detail and edge light to show. It’s quite fun having the Manfrotto Lumimuse!

Morning Leaf

Early morning, with a touch of grass frost.

woods and light

Dappled lighting on Corstorphine Hill

woodland path

A morning woodland path