colour, landscape and nature

(Snow Maiden)

When you are married to a sculptor, you just accept that your two blobs, two stones, a carrot and a stick are just not going to cut mustard.

snow ladyA combination of three exposures at f/5.6, ISO200.

I used Photoshop HDRpro, but was lazy and stuck with the built in “photrealistic” recipe.

Winter ice

abstract, colour, Colour, landscape and nature

Perhaps it’s because there have been so many ice bubble photographs, I thought I’d do something icy.

This is some ice that had formed in the garden, shot through a reverse 22mm lens. It was shot at 1/400s, and ISO at 3200. Since the lens wasn’t connected to the camera, there was no control over the aperture.


Post production was a slight crop and a slight colour balance adjustment on the blue midtones.